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Bringing Home your new puppy

Hello Future White Pine Goldens Puppy Owners,

What to expect when picking up your pup:

Food & Supplements.....We feed Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy, and/or All Life Stages Chicken and Rice blends. We will be sending a bag of Diamond Naturals along with you on pick-up day to mix 50/50 with whatever food you choose to feed. We ask that you choose a HIGH QUALITY Large Breed Puppy food or an All-Life Stages food. I also supplement all my dogs with Fido-Vite and NuVet. These supplements are full of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, amino acids, omega fatty acids, and other natural nutrient rich ingredients. I will have a starter pack sample of Fido-Vite and NuVet added to your puppy pack. Your puppy will be started on this supplement when they are nursing on Mom, and also when they start eating solid kibble. I highly recommend keeping your growing puppy on these supplements for his immunity, health, growing body, and joint support.

Fido-Vite can be ordered by calling 1-608-643-3727 or by going online at Use coupon code: WPG to get a discount on your order.

NuVet can be ordered by calling 1-800-474-7044. Use coupon code: 895636 and select autoship to save 15%. Or order online at

Pet Insurance..... All puppies will go home with a FREE 30-day health insurance coverage thru TRUPANION. The offer must be activated within 24 hours of your puppy going home. You get instant coverage and there are no upfront costs to you.

To activate: Call 1-855-266-2156 and use Code: BR1WP43021

Micro-chipping....We use AKC ReUnite micro-chips that has a prepaid registration for our new puppy owners. You will get the information to register your chip with your personal contact info and vet info, once you get your puppy pack.

Training your puppy....I offer an Extended Stay Program for your puppy. This is where we keep the pup past the 7 week go home time, and start training your puppy for an additional 4 weeks. This includes house breaking, and basic commands such as sit, down, stay, "leave it", place and come. This will ensure a great start for your pups as you bring them home and introduce them to your family and lifestyle. There are limited spots available for this option. If you are interested in our Extended Stay Program, call Sara for more info and pricing.

We are also offering a training program for RETURNING puppies that have been born and raised here and that are older (4 months or more). This is a 2 week program only if the pup has already gone thru the Extended Stay program. If not, the training may take about 3 weeks since the foundations of our training program have not been fully implemented and started here. We can do an evaluation of your dog to give your a better idea of their length of stay when that time comes. Puppies / dogs must have all their shots and rabies vaccination before returning back to our home for training. ANY DOG THAT WAS BORN HERE IS WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM, REGARDLESS OF AGE.

This is where they will receive more advanced training for the "real world". They will also learn to be "off leash" and still respect boundaries and learn to check in and pay attention. Pups in this program will learn to "heel" when on and off leash, "place" (especially useful while at the dinner table, or company knocking at the door), "come" (EVERYTIME they are called), along with several other manners including one of the most important which is PATIENCE. Pups always want to please their human, and playing games during this training is rewarding for them. Our dogs are always off leash when on walks. They know that if a car approaches, bikers, walkers or other dogs approach, to line up at my side all with 1 word, and do not release until given the command to do so. This is real world training for their safety. If this interests you, let me know.

Traveling home with your pup.....I would bring a crate if you have one. (a small/medium pet taxi would work) If the weather is warmer, the pup might become too warm while being held. It is ok to hold your puppy on the way home, they just might get a little uncomfortable if they are too hot and may feel more content to just lay in the pet taxi, or on the floor. Also make sure you have a leash and collar if you need to stop to let them go potty. The pups will be in the collar that adjusts 8"-14". At the time that they go home (7-8 weeks), they will be about 10"-12" in collar size.

Many families ask about what size crate they should buy.....If you only want to buy a one and done crate, I recommend getting a large wire crate with a divider so you can adjust the size of the crate sleeping space to the size of the puppy as they grow. Or you can purchase the plastic pet taxis, but you may need multiple sizes for as your puppy grows. I find the pups like these, as it is a little more like a "den" for them, and kind of goes along with their natural instincts.

Final Payment....Cash for the balance due is appreciated. Cashiers checks are okay, or if you want to use a credit card, that will have to be done using paypal. If using paypal for the balance due, a 3% paypal fee will be added to your balance at time of pick-up.

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