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Bringing Home your new puppy

Hello Future White Pine Goldens Puppy Owners,

What to expect when picking up your pup:

Food.....We feed Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy food. For our adults we also feed Diamond Naturals and Taste of the Wild. This blend is an all-life stages blend. We can feed it to our puppies and adults. We will be sending a bag of Purina Pro Plan along with you on pick-up day to mix 50/50 with whatever food you choose to feed. We ask that you choose a HIGH QUALITY Large Breed Puppy food or an All-Life Stages food. I also supplement all my dogs with Fido-Vite by Doctors Choice Supplements, made right here in Wisconsin. This supplement is full of probiotics, vitamins & minerals, glucosamine and chondroitin, coconut oil and other natural nutrient rich ingredients. I will have a starter pack of the Fido-Vite added to your puppy pack and will give you instructions and locations on where to get it. Your puppy will be started on this supplement when they are nursing on Mom, and also when they start eating solid kibble. I highly recommend keeping your growing puppy on this supplement for his immunity, health, growing body, and joint support.

Micro-chipping....If you are interested in having your puppy micro-chipped, let me know. There is a $50 charge for the chip and registering it. We use AKC ReUnite and will take care of registering the chip for you. If you haven't already given me your contact information and vet information, please do so before you pick your puppy up so we can get the chip registered.

Training your puppy....We now have retail rights to be able to offer our families a great training system. This is a system by Don Sullivan, “The Dog Father”, the Perfect Dog. This system includes a training collar and DVD set. We used this system, and really thought it was effective, fast and simple. What’s great, is if you forget how to do something, you can just go back and refer to the DVD. It also teaches how to correct problem behaviors that can occur as the dog gets older. I personally used this system on my puppy, and by time she was 9 weeks old, she knew the commands of “sit”, “down”, “leave it”, “come”, and I could also sit her in the middle of the driveway and tell her to “stay” and walk 50 ft. away from her and she wouldn’t move from her spot until I gave her the okay. Yes, she was only 9 weeks old!! She is well on her way to learning to become a therapy dog. We offer the training collar and DVD set for $40. Well worth it, compared to the hundreds you can spend on obedience classes. 

Traveling home with your pup.....I would bring a crate if you have one. (a small/medium pet taxi would work) If the weather is warmer, the pup might become too warm while being held. It is ok to hold your puppy on the way home, they just might get a little uncomfortable if they are too hot and may feel more content to just lay in the pet taxi, or on the floor. Also make sure you have a leash and collar if you need to stop to let them go potty.

Final Payment....Cash for the balance due is appreciated. Cashiers checks are okay, or if you want to use a credit card, that will have to be done using paypal. If using paypal for the balance due, a 3% paypal fee will be added to your balance at time of pick-up.