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Whelping Room & Office


(The pack working on being called by name, one-by-one to come through the door.)

(Lena, such a proud momma posing for the picture)


(In this recliner is where I spend the first 2 weeks of a puppies life. I sleep with mom and pups every night to ensure that all pups are being nursed and mom doesn't accidentally lay on a pup.)


Our Whelping Room and Office are newly relocated to our basement where we created a walk-out entry. We used to have our moms whelp in our living room. During labor, they would have to go up and down our deck stairs to go to the bathroom and just get moving again between delivery of puppies. So we decided to hire a company to dig out our basement to create a same level outdoor entry for our moms and pups. We just wanted things to be easier for our moms....... and us.

Our moms now have their own designated space, and seem much happier in their new "den-like" area.

My office area is convenient, so as I work, they can hang out with me and take their late morning nap.

Hang Out Room - This is where YouTube is often playing with a Dog entertainment channel on their very own TV.

Levi and River both enjoy watching the birds, squirrels, turkey and deer on TV. Alexa will even play "dog relaxation" music for them in the Hang Out Room.


Outdoor Kennel and Play Areas

We also recently added an enclosed outdoor area for the dogs to run, play, dig and chew sticks.

All the things dogs love to do!!

(The pack waiting for the "okay" to come through the gate)


There is also a kennel attached to the garage for some outdoor time even when the weather isn't as nice.

The dogs also take turns in this area when training and learning patients.



(Levi showing off and sitting proud while holding the "place" command)


In the warmer months, we also have an outdoor play area that gets set up for puppy playtime and stimulation. This is where our families love to watch the pups interact and play.

Our puppies learn to enjoy water and love playing "hide-and-seek" in the tunnel.







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