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HeartsofGold Lean On Me

Lena is a very special girl that just loves attention. She is in the process of earning her AKC Canine Good Citizen. Lena enjoys going for car rides and going in places like Fleet Farm, Lowes, Walmart and Petco. She also loves to hang out at the cabin and go for 4-wheeler rides on the trails. She gets to be quite the talk of the "up-nort woods" when she is seen atv-ing with mom. Her favorite place to be is the state forest trails and the beach. This sweet girl is going to be such a great momma with her caring, loving and attentive demeanor. Lena is white in color, has a big blocky head, large paws and a beautiful stature.






Sky Pride Seventh Heaven

Sky is just a beautiful girl with a wonderful stature and coat. Sky is our first import from Belarus, Europe. She made the journey at 6 months of age from Belarus to Russia, then over the ocean to Chicago, IL where we picked her up and introduced her to the Good Ole USA. She is super cuddly and lovable. She loves to go for car rides and walks with her family. She is a great listener and learns fast considering she had to learn a whole new language. Sky is going to produce beautiful puppies with a great disposition, beautiful coat and stature. Sky is a smaller female at about 60 lbs, light cream in color and big boned with big paws.And just look at that face......IRRESISTIBLE!





WhitePine's Hazelnut CreamInMyCoffee

Hazel is a very smart and sweet girl. She is the daughter of Our Lena and Truman (South Branch Goldens). This girl loves to greet you in the morning and when you come home from a long day of work by "talking" and telling you all about her day. That, or she is tattling on the other dogs and family She has quite the personality. She is also spoiled by her foster family and gets to go to work at the family trucking business with her mom and be the "office" dog. Hazel is a smaller female weighing about 55 lbs. She is very white in color and has a smooth straight coat.


Lily - Retired



Fatherland Apache Spirit


Thank you to Valerie and Matt for giving Lily a wonderful retirement home.

She sure loves her new golden sisters Jesse and Sandy!



Lily came from Colorado to join our family. She had 3 beautiful litters in her working dog career. 2 for the breeder in CO, and 1 for us in May of 2017. She was such a good momma and even adopted another litter to nurse for another breeder. After having 3 litters, and nursing 4, we decided to retire our sweet Lily and let her have fun being a dog. She loves to play fetch and adventure in the woods. Thank you to Lily for having puppies that brought joy and happiness into so many homes.