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HeartsofGold Lean On Me

Lena is a very special girl that just loves attention. Lena enjoys going for car rides and going in places like Fleet Farm, Lowes, Walmart and Petco. She also loves to hang out at the cabin and go for 4-wheeler rides on the trails. She gets to be quite the talk of the "up-nort woods" when she is seen atv-ing with mom. Her favorite place to be is the state forest trails and the beach. This sweet girl is such a great momma with her caring, loving and attentive demeanor. Lena is white in color, has a big blocky head, large paws and a beautiful stature. Lena weighs about 85 lbs.




WhitePine's Hazelnut CreamInMyCoffee

Hazel is a lucky girl that lives with our next door neighbors as her foster family. She gets to go to work with Mom everyday and be the office dog where she gets spoiled by customers and other visitors. Hazel is the daughter of Lena and carries on that sweet personality. Her favorite past-time is hanging out on the couch with her humans. She also likes to sit in the bow window as the neighborhood watch dog. Then, when her humans get home she "talks" and tells them stories of everything that went on. She does a cute little howling "talk". Hazel has beautiful puppies. Hazel is smaller in size, but her puppies have that nice big blocky head, and are stout in size and have beautiful coats. Hazel weighs approx 70 lbs.



   WhitePines Breezin' Thru The Willows


Willow is a sweet girl with a big heart. She is extremely loving and only aims to please. She is a very good listener and is an "in your pocket" type of personality. Her favorite thing to do is play fetch. If you have a ball, she will play all day long! Willow has an extremely soft, beautiful coat. She has a big blocky head with that sweet face, and a beautiful stature. She makes such a great momma with her attentive demeanor. Her puppies carry on her look in their faces. They have beautiful coats, and big heads. Her past litters have also grown to love water, and many have gone on to be the best lake and boat dogs a family could ever want. Willow weighs approx 70 lbs.






White Pines Among Dancing Aspens

Aspen is a very sweet girl that carries on many characteristics of her mother Willow and Father Levi. She is a very fast learner and wants to make her humans happy. She lives with a nearby family friend, that takes her camping and on lots of walks. She also loves to go on pontoon boat rides and swim with her human kids. Her favorite past-time is squirrel watching. She will then climb the woodpile for a closer look to keep the squrirels in line. As you can see, Aspen has a big blocky head, beautiful stature and soft silky coat. She is very white in color. Aspen weighs approximately 70 lbs.





Sky Pride Riviera WhitePine  

River came to us from Belarus, Europe. We imported her from Sky Pride Golden Retrievers owned by Alexandra Petrovskaya. We want to thank Alexandra for entrusting one of her beautiful babies to us. This gorgeous girl comes from Champion European bloodlines. We just love her personality. She is extremely affectionate, and her tail NEVER stops wagging. We lovingly call her "wiggle butt". River is such a happy soul and wants to be with you for everything that you are doing. She is very smart, and wants to please. River will be a great mom, as she has already shown such affection and playfulness towards the other pups born here at White Pine Goldens.

River has a beautiful stature with a lovely soft and silky coat. River is smaller in size, weighing only about 60 lbs.



Fatherland Apache Spirit

Thank you to Valerie and Matt for giving Lily a wonderful retirement home.

She sure loves her new golden sisters Jesse and Sandy!



Lily came from Colorado to join our family. She had 3 beautiful litters in her working dog career. 2 for the breeder in CO, and 1 for us in May of 2017. She was such a good momma and even adopted another litter to nurse for another nearby breeder. After having 3 litters, and nursing 4, we decided to retire our sweet Lily and let her have fun being a dog. She loves to play fetch and adventure in the woods. Thank you to Lily for having puppies that brought joy and happiness into so many homes.



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