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White Pine's Stihl Chevelle of Badger State ~ "LEVI"


Levi is a sweet, very smart boy. He is extremely responsive and a good listener. He is very affectionate and brings a calmness to anyone that just sits to spend time with him. This guy has a special gift of smell, and has ambitions of learning Nose Work in the near future. Levi brings us so much joy and laughter with his silly personality! When Levi is not watching the squirrels and birds at the feeders by the living room window,  he is outside carrying around his favorite stick. He even likes to snuggle and watch TV!

Levi produces pups that are big boned, with a large blocky head, soft coat and beautiful stature.

Levi weighs 80 lbs.

sleepysong amazing whitepine - "ollie"


Ollie is our new upcoming boy that we imported from Sleepysong Kennels in Serbia. Both of Ollie's parents are Championed and he comes from a long line of European Champions in Serbia and Poland. Ollie has a big blocky head, droopy jowls and is very big boned and has a beautiful coat and stature. He just floats when in motion. Mr. Ollie has such a goofy personality and is so playful, fun and smart. His favorite past-time is playing fetch. We are excited for him to father his first litter and pass all of his great traits onto his offspring. At 10 months old, Ollie weighed in at a solid 87 lbs.

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